Health Care Reform

by Sydney Walker on May 14th, 2009

If you like, you can give your opinion to Barak Obama and his administration at this web address:

You can also call Congress at 202-224-3121

Here’s my offering:

I believe we as a country need to provide medical care for people, not insurance coverage for them. There is no reason to keep “for-profit” insurance industry in the mix. People in this industry could be retrained to administer wellness centers or provide care.

We should look at other countries and choose the best working model. Most countries that are as wealthy as ours provide medical care for their people and do not allow profit motivated industry to be in charge of health care. A doctor-patient driven system is what we need. An extension of Medicare to all people should be an option. Wellness centers that emphasize natural inexpensive treatments such as acupuncture and homeopathy, yoga, Qi Gung, nutritional counseling and chiropractic care as first-line choices with an emphasis on prevention should be offered. This would cut costs dramatically.

Other common sense health care reforms: We should not allow advertising of pharmaceutical drugs; people need education about natural heath. We should return to a tax structure that allowed for prosperity and the growing of a middle class and a comfortable safety net that was before the Reagan tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. This led to boom and bust economics and insecurity in health care and other areas. Restoring a sensible tax policy so that those wealthiest Americans who enjoy more of our American resources due to their access and wealth, can shoulder their share in providing for a healthy secure country.

I believe the best option is a Doctor-patient centered “Single Payer”extension of Medicare to provide for everyone. Because of strong lobbying efforts, this is not being taken seriously in Congress. We must not exclude this option since it is the one that provides the most care at the least cost. Senator Sanders is proposing one such option and needs our support.

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