5th Dimensional Consciousness Non-Duality

by Sydney Walker on January 8th, 2017

Happy Holidays and a happy end to 2016

May you have Love, Peace, Gratitude and Happiness even in trying and exciting times. I believe we will be feeling more joy if we open to it and stay connected to our hearts. While the things in ourselves and our country that have kept us from having the peaceful world we all dream about are coming to the surface for all to see clearly, I believe we are experiencing a cleanse. Underlying the conflict there is a unity consciousness coming to all of us. Many people talk about a Great Awakening, Great Turning, the Shift in Consciousness, The Ascension, 5th Dimensional Consciousness, Non-Duality, and other terms. I have had some interesting experiences and would love to hear about yours. I think it is a good idea to remember to focus most on what we want to create, and not be swayed by fear while we are paying attention. Hopefully this is in line with the best of religious beliefs around the world.

( To help us understand one another in every day terms, I love the book ” Clash, How to Thrive in a Multicultural world” by Hazel Rose Markus, Ph.D. and Alana Conner, Ph.D. and for the science in lay terms there is “The Field, the Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe” by Lynne McTaggart)

In ancient Taoist terms (simplified) being spiritual but not religious so hopefully accessible by all, and is symbolic but helps us begin to understand :

First there is Chaos

That becomes the One or the Tao or The Benevolent Tao, That divides into two Yin/Yang

(Here we have Duality, but not really, as the dark side of the mountain and the light side of the mountain changes and is really just the mountain, not really separate, they have a bit of the other, and can change into one another, this is wholistic thinking )

Then you have Heaven/Earth/Human realms symbolized with the number 3

4 is for the Four directions

With Five you have incarnation, the Five Elements or Phases that make up everything alive.

Next comes the 10,000 things which means all of the rest/everything.

But it is all really One, Tao, the Way, implying it is in motion. It is always there, and we are becoming more aware of it. Tapping into that can give us comfort because the One is Benevolent. When you are quiet and in your heart, joy comes naturally. It is also natural to have trouble with all this change. You may even be feeling like old things are coming up in you to be cleansed that you thought were already dealt with, but we can see it as a coming to the surface so it can be swept away.

Old methods of Healing and New are very abundant right now. I am happy to help people with this of course and have gathered many tools. I’m here if you need me.

Thanks so much also to those who have written me a testimonial for my work and those who have told their friends about me. That is very helpful to my continued practice.

A useful visualization I have heard about is to connect your crown chakra on the top of your head with the center of the Galaxy and connect your tail to the center of the Earth. This seems to align the energy centers of the body. Getting out in nature is good too! I hope you find strength in whatever path you follow.

Much love and health and happiness in the eye of the storm.

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