My History and Statement of Purpose

by Sydney Walker on August 3rd, 2015

My History and Statement of Purpose

Sydney Annette Brunson Bebb-Walker, L.Ac., A.C.N.

My History and Statement of Purpose


Who we each are and why we are here are mysteries to most of us. As we grow we try on different identities. We experience ourselves in many layers and dimensions. This awareness is opening up for people more and more, but it is still the Great Mystery. We are Everything and we are Nothing at the same time, Separate and One at the same time. If we are healthy, we can notice what we are drawn to as our contribution to the whole somehow, we can see multiple possibilities and creatively choose what we will do. It seems to me that we are here to learn to use that power which is ours uniquely combined with the connection of all in love.

Stress and trauma can cause us to react rather than respond to life with our joy and our gifts. It can stay locked in our bodies and can be passed on through generations in the form of ideas and in the health challenges of the children. I have been there and have had to heal on many levels. My training helps me address these blocks to our health and happiness. I have seen people repair and heal. I think people are ready for a new caring, sustainable way of living on the planet and I am excited to be part of this great turning.

I was born into a family with a lot of love and a lot of stress. I could always picture what health looked like and wanted to help, not only my family but others as well. I wanted to live in a safer, happier world with less unnecessary suffering. That’s only natural, I noticed that the pets would always hang out to heal us when we were sick. Our father told the story that he ran away to the circus when he was young, started out cleaning up after the elephants and finally got to train them, never using those awful hooks that some trainers used. When he would get drunk in towns on his day off, the elephants would lay him on their sides and their breathing would rock him up and down. They never did such a thing when he was sober. I have yet to hang out with elephants, but I was so happy as a child that our mamma cats would always wait for me to return home to have their kittens so I could be the midwife. I was amazed that our stray cat, who came home only when her kittens were due, always found us even when we moved far across town in Las Vegas. When we moved to San Francisco, I imagine she found another family. Happily we brought with us our smart little dog.

Music got me through some tough times. In my early 20’s I studied music and learned massage to help my shoulders which often hurt from playing the violin. I was also interested in a natural approach to health. My acupressure teacher was enthusiastic and encouraging about acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and I could see myself in this profession, caring gently for people with little bits of dried herbs and hair thin needles and a bit of massage to pull it all together. At that time, acupuncture had only recently been legalized in California. I was fortunate to be able to study with many interesting teachers. I attended the San Francisco College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine where I also learned to treat with herbs and other aspects of Chinese Medicine.

I was especially interested in the depth of treatment offered by Five Element Acupuncture which has Shamanic Roots going back to early Taoist teachings. I continue to study this form of acupuncture which requires long apprenticeship. I’ve expanded my study to include Universal Shamanism, especially the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, where I am finding a path to answer long held questions. I’ve enjoyed apprenticeship in Reiki and sound healing and other systems such as Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) which have Acupuncture points as part of their root. I am deepening my work in Qi Gong and the learning which comes through meditation and work. I enjoy collaborative work and the fun that comes from working with others and I enjoy meeting the many wonderful people who come into my practice.

To further meet the challenges of today’s environment I pursued training in whole food nutrition and techniques to streamline priorities.

I love to teach those who come to work with me. My ability to sense energy and tend the Spirit has gotten stronger with practice and I love to be with people as they start on their journey with energy healing and share experiences with others who are well on their path.

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