Five Element Acupuncture

by Sydney Walker on May 14th, 2009

By Sydney Walker, L.AC.
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According to the Five Element model, every one of us is predominantly affected by one of these elements and their associations. We all are a unique mixture of all five influences, but there is one that predominates.
Using the wise guidance of this model, we can see how there are precise psychological dynamics at work that perpetuate our physical health problems. As these psychological dynamics are allowed to persist, the Five Element model clearly shows us how physical pathology will eventually result.
Here are some examples of dominant associations of each element.

Fire out of Balance:
‘Life isn’t safe. It’s impossible to find real intimacy.’
Fire in Balance:
Charisma, joy, authentic relationship, compassion

Earth out of Balance: ‘I am not enough; therefore, I must put others or myself first in all situations.’
Earth in Balance: Feeling complete right now, genuine selflessness, balance between giving and receiving

Metal out of Balance: ‘Life has no value and is meaningless; therefore, I must attach to the material world or renounce it altogether.’
Metal in Balance: Inspiration, value, poignancy, being present to life

Water out of Balance: ‘My purpose is not powerful enough to change the world. I am subject to the whims of fate.’
Water in Balance: Purpose and potential fulfilled, feeling the fear and doing it anyway, power

Wood out of Balance: ‘Life isn’t fair. I am resigned to a life of injustice.’
Wood in Balance: Creativity, broad perspective, benevolence, visionary

Treatments focused on this constitutional factor remind us of our essential nature and help us experience the strength of who we are.

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