Cold and Flu Remedies for the whole Family

by Sydney Walker on November 26th, 2011

The Chinese over time have developed systems of looking at colds and flu’s ( “external illness-caused by wind-cold, or wind-heat”) that take into account the way the symptoms change and how to treat each stage of the illness. There is the 6 stages of cold disease and the 4 stages of hot disease. In clinic, I take this into account as well. As you get to know yourself and family, there are certain formulas that seem to work well for certain people. Illnesses are different as well. There is a theory about the strength of the person’s constitution and the strength of the invasion. A strong pathogen will even reach a  person with a strong constitution and defensive energy. A weaker person may not even be able to put up a good fight against a weak or strong pathogenic factor, and seem to not get sick compared to a strong person who is showing all kinds of symptoms of fighting a cold. It’s good to take all these factors into account.

the formulas I like include:

Yin Chao Junior-from Health Concerns: a “gentle yet effective remedy for addressing children’s colds. It is a well rounded combination that has a multipronged approach: to clear heat, harmonize the digestion, moisten the throat and lung, and to invigorate the blood and tonify the Qi.”
It’s a tincture so you can add to boiled water to partially evaporate the alcohol. or add to juice. This one is good to have on hand for the earliest stage of a cold and beyond. Not as cold as regular Yin Chao.

Yin Chao ( Yin Qiao) is great for early stage colds with burning sore throat and other signs of heat.

Isatis Gold
from Health Concerns: “treats bacterial and Viral infections that cause inflammation and fever, especially upper respiratory, colds, flu, and bronchitis.” This one you take every few hours and should notice results within a day. If you don’t have a fever, you can combine it with ginger tea because it can be too cooling.

Platycodon and Frittellaria formula in a freeze dried form is great for colds with coughs. It’s a safe formula regardless of the type of cough. good for kids and fine for people with asthma.

Belamcanda from Seven Forests is great for that deep barking cough that isn’t resolving.

Astra C is a prevention formula from Health Concerns: “combines Eastern and Western therapies to prevent the common cold. Vitamin C and Zinc Citrate have been added to the traditional formula, Jade Screen Powder, used to enhance the body’s protective power or Wei Qi”  …
Clinical Research in China has shown this to be effective in preventing recurring respiratory infections in children. The formula raises the the mean value of serum IGA, the main antibody protecting the mucous membrane of the lungs.” Jade Screen is also available from Seven Forests without the Vitamin C and Zinc.

Gegen Tang freeze dried formula is for when the cold is in the muscles, nose and ears.

Cold Away from Health Concerns or Gan Mao Ling is a great general formula that is good for either a hot or cold type of cold and also for prevention, when you think you may be getting a cold.

Quiet Digestion from Health Concerns- is great to have on hand for stomach flu and to prevent the stomach flu if others in the family have it.
It’s also good for overeating and other digestive disorders including diarrhea and abdominal cramping and bloating and difficulty digesting food.

Another good idea is to boil water with vinegar and let the steam fill the house when a family member is sick so that others are less likely to get the illness.

There are also homeopathic remedies I like for colds/flu especially “oscillococcinum”. This formula is great when you are just getting sick, especially if you have chills and fever or to prevent if you have been exposed to the flu.

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