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by Sydney Walker on October 25th, 2009

by Sydney Walker, L.Ac.
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With the baby boomers getting older, I’m one of them at 52 years old, we’re seeing more tools for natural facial rejuvenation come out in the field of acupuncture. Of course, real beauty is in true health. When we are free of blocks from the shock and trauma that we all have experienced to varying degrees and are living our purpose, our inner beauty shines forth and we and others may not even notice the age in our faces, we see the sparkle of spirit in our eyes and faces, and we are busy doing our life’s work. That being said, I love the new very tiny needles that can be used at the ends of facial lines to bring energy to the area and stimulate collagen replacement there. They are virtually painless.
The wonderful thing about using acupuncture to accomplish facial rejuvenation is that you are simultaneously tuning up the whole body. Generally I don’t use facial acupuncture alone, but in conjunction with the balancing and constitutional treatments that I offer.  And again, being ourselves to the fullest after clearing blocks and strengthening our true natures will show in the face. Tuning the face will also help the body and general wellness.
Nutritional deficiencies will also show in the face. Supplementing with zinc, chewing your grains especially well or taking a digestive enzyme with your meals can help. Sugar and undigested starch can cause acne, a sign of what we call “heat in the blood.”  For short term use, the Chinese patent formula, “Margarite acne pills” works really well when the acne is already there.
There’s a possibility that your body may not absorb zinc or other nutrients because of a sensitivity or allergy to them. Using Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique ( N.A.E.T. ), we can create balance in relation to the nutrient and enhance absorption.
Detoxifying protocols using acupuncture and herbs may also be helpful.
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