Everything You Wanted to Know About Water Fluoridation But Were Afraid to Ask by Jenny Miller

by Sydney Walker on September 18th, 2013

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Fluoridation but Were Afraid to Ask

by Jenny Miller

1. Doesn’t fluoride occur in the water naturally anyway?

The fluoride products used in water fluoridation (sodium fluoride or fluorosilicic acid) are classified as

hazardous waste products of the fertilizer, aluminum, and nuclear industries. They are even more toxic than

naturally-occurring fluoride, since they contain other components, such as arsenic and lead. However, even

naturally-occurring fluoride, in areas with high concentrations (over 1 ppm) has been been found to have

extremely adverse health effects. Some parts of Cotati, in Sonoma County, already have over 1 ppm in

groundwater. In addition to the natural fluoride in groundwater, most people are exposed to multiple sources

of fluoride (pesticides in wine and food, tea, some ceramics, anti-depressants, manufacturing, soft drinks,

toothpaste etc.), and already are absorbing well over the equivalent of 1 ppm before the water is fluoridated.

2. Don’t all advanced countries fluoridate their water? And hasn’t it been proven that countries that do

fluoridate their water have better dental health than countries that don’t?

No. Fluoridation has been almost completely abolished in Europe. Recently other countries, such as Israel and

many parts of Australia, have banned fluoridation. Statistics gathered by the World Health Organization do

not show any difference in rates of dental caries in fluoridated vs. non fluoridated countries. In the U.S., the

state of Kentucky, which has been fluoridating the longest, and has 99% fluoridation of its water supply, has

the worst dental health of any state in the country. Similar results were found by John Colquhoun, the Chief

Dental Officer in Auckland, NZ, who studied the effects of fluoridation around the world. He discovered, much

to his astonishment, that people in countries with fluoridation had the worst teeth. Other studies also indicate a

decrease in dental caries after water fluoridation had been discontinued in that locality. (See “Sources.”)

Since 1990, 144 cities have rejected water fluoridation, including several in California.

3. Where did the idea of fluoridating the water come from?

Industrialists in the aluminum and nuclear industries were under fire because of the harmful effects of the

fluoride waste products being emitted from their plants–plants and animals were dying for miles around. They

hired Edward Bernays, who was the grandaddy of mass public relations campaigns (Bernays also happened to

be the nephew of Sigmund Freud) to convince the American people that putting toxic waste in our water supply

was good for us. He also organized a successful campaign to convince American women that smoking was both

glamorous and liberating. The Nazis made use of Bernays’ ideas in perfecting their mind control.

4. Maybe fluoridation hasn’t been proven to be effective in improving dental health, but what harm can it do

to add it to our water supply?

First there is the cost factor. At a time when there is no money for schools, dental treatment for kids, health

care, transportation, support for the disabled, basic community infrastructure, counties will be spending

millions of dollars to fluoridate the water. Even worse, fluoridation has been associated with increased rates of

criminal activity, kidney disease, Alzheimers, bone cancer, damage to the thyroid, increased bone fractures, and

decreased IQ in children. (See http://www.robertgammal.com/PDFs/SciFactsFluoride.pdf.) Although adding

hazardous waste to our water is not beneficial to anyone, it is particularly harmful to people with kidney disease

(who can’t excrete it properly), infants (when mixed with formula it far exceeds the safe amount of fluoride), and

people who drink lots of water such as diabetics, athletes, and manual laborers. It is form of mass medication,

but unlike drugs your doctor prescribes, there is no informed consent to treatment, and there is no regulation

of the amounts received. For many children, fluoride in the water supply can cause a disfiguring condition

called fluorosis or mottling of the teeth. You probably have a friend, neighbor, or relative whose family has

experienced this. Because black and Hispanic children are more susceptible to fluorosis, major civil rights

organizations and leaders have come out against fluoridation.

5. It’s not like fluoride is really poisonous is it?

Sodium fluoride, the exact same chemical that is added to many water supplies, is the principle and only

poisonous ingredient in Sarin nerve gas, recently in the news as a reason for the U.S. to start bombing Syria.

(Though Sarin contains other ingredients, the only one poisonous to humans is fluoride.) Less than half a tube of

candy-flavored fluoride toothpaste is enough to kill a small child. The FDA requires a warning on all tubes of

flouride toothpaste–to immediately call Poison Control– in the event a small amount of FL is swallowed.

6. Shouldn’t we leave it to the experts? Don’t they all support water fluoridation?

Experts in almost every country around the world concluded that the practice is harmful and supported its

elimination (or else their countries never started fluoridation in the first place). Although the head of the

Sonoma County Dept. of Health touts the fact that fluoridation is still being done in Spain and the UK, if you

look at the actual record, only 11% of those countries’ water is fluoridated. The figure is 3% for all of Europe.

When the top water toxicologist in the Environmental Protection Agency, William Marcus, disclosed that the

reports showing the safety of fluoridation had been doctored to hide its harmful effects, he was immediately

fired. A judge later ordered him to be reinstated, since there was no basis for the firing other than his refusal to

hide the facts. His union, which represents hundreds of scientists and professionals who work for the EPA, came

out with a strong position against fluoride as well, due to its documented toxicity.

Write and call your Board of Supervisors and City Council. Tell them: No toxic fluoride in our water!


1. The level of fluoride in non-fluoridated water in some parts of Sonoma County (e.g. parts of Cotati) is

already equal to the amount of naturally-occurring fluoride that has been found to cause skeletal fluorosis in

other countries (http://pubs.usgs.gov/sir/2013/5118/ ) “Skeletal fluorosis in India and China has been reported to

occur when the fluoride concentration in water exceeds one ppm, and has been found to occur in communities

with only 0.7 ppm.” Source: Gupta R, Kumar AN, Bandhu S, Gupta S. (2007) Skeletal fluorosis mimicking

seronegative arthritis. Scandanavian Journal of Rheumatology 36(2):154-5. See fluoridealert.org for numerous

other sources re crippling fluorosis in India and China from naturally-occurring fluoride. Dr. Silver Chalfin, head

of the Sonoma County Dept. of Health, is pushing the idea of adding Fluoride to bring SC water up to 0.9 ppm,

more than the level that has been found to cause skeletal fluorosis.

2. For World Health Organization statistical comparison of rates of dental caries in 12 year olds, showing

equivalent amounts in fluoridated vs. non-fluoridated countries, see WHO Collaborating Center for

Education, Training, and Research in Oral Health, Malmo Univ., Sweden, 2012. Where fluoridation has been

discontinued in communities like Canada, the former East Germany, Cuba and Finland, dental decay has not

increased but has generally continued to decrease (Maupomé 2001; Kunzel & Fischer, 1997, 2000; Kunzel 2000;

Seppa 2000).

KY residents have worst teeth of any state: “(Governor) Beshear said Kentucky led the nation in 2004 in terms

of the number of people age 65 or older who had lost teeth. About 27 percent of Kentuckians of all ages had lost

six or more teeth to decay or gum disease, compared with 18 percent in the rest of the nation, he said.” Source:

“Kentucky Launching Kids’ Dental Health Project,” by Jack Brammer, Lexington Herald Leader, 10/14/ 2009.

KY m or e flu or id a te d th a n a n y oth e r sta te : “In 2 0 0 4 , 9 9 .6 % of Ke n tu cky’s p u b lic w a te r

syste m s w e r e p r ovid in g flu or id a te d w a te r to th e ir cu stom e r s. Th is r a n ke d Ke n tu cky fir st

a m on g a ll sta te s.” Ke n tu cky Ep id e m iolog ic N ote s a n d Re p or ts, Vol. 4 0 . N o. 8 , De p t. of

Pu b lic H e a lth . (KY w a te r h a s b e e n flu or id a te d sin ce th e 1 9 5 0 s.)

S im ila r r e su lts r e p or te d in Te xa s: “Afte r 9 ye a r s a n d $ 3 m illion of a d d in g flu or id e ,

r e se a r ch sh ow s tooth d e ca y h a sn ’t d r op p e d a m on g th e p oor e st of Be xa r Cou n ty’s

ch ild r e n , it h a s on ly in cr e a se d —u p 1 3 p e r ce n t th is ye a r .”

fr om : Con g e r J. (2 0 1 1 ) S a n An ton io: Ad d e d to ou r d r in kin g w a te r : a ch e m ica l ‘m or e

toxic th a n le a d ?’ KEN S 5 N e w s For the best article analyzing the research on fluoridation worldwide,

see: John Colquhoun (former Chief Dental Officer of Auckland, NZ) “Why I changed my mind about water

fluoridation,” Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 41 29-44 1997, University of Chicago Press, available


3. See Wikipedia, Edward Bernays. Also “The Fluoride Deception” video at youtube.com and book with the

same name by Christopher Bryson.

4. For an extensive compilation of medical journal citations documenting fluoride’s harmful effects re

kidneys, thyroid, bone cancer, diminished IQ, infant health, Alzheimers, bone fractures, and more, see http://


On July 1, 2011, The League of Latin American Citizens, the largest Hispanic organization in the U.S. passed a

resolution strongly opposing the practice of fluoridating water supplies, in part because of the disproportionate

harmful effects on Hispanic members of the community. (see www.fluoridealert.org for text of LULAC

resolution.) Numerous studies, including a national survey by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), have

found that black children suffer significantly higher rates of dental fluorosis than white children. (Martinez-Mier

2010; Beltran-Aguilar 2005; Kumar 2000, 1999; Williams 1990; Butler 1985; Russell 1962). Not only do black

children suffer higher rates of fluorosis, they suffer the most severe forms of the condition which are marked by

dark brown staining and deterioration of the enamel. Black civil rights leaders in Georgia campaigned against

water fluoridation due its harmful effects on black children. (See Letter from Andrew Young to Chip Rogers,

Senate Majority Leader, Georgia State Capitol, March 29, 2011.)

Fluoridation chemicals used to make Sarin nerve gas: from The Independent, Sept. 3, 2013: “The Business

Secretary… will today be asked by MPs to explain why a British company was granted export licences for

the dual-use substances for six months in 2012 while Syria’s civil war was raging and concern was rife that

the regime could use chemical weapons….The disclosure of the licences for potassium fluoride and sodium

fluoride, which can both be used as precursor chemicals in the manufacture of nerve gas…” This is the same

sodium fluoride that is listed as an ingredient in Colgate toothpaste, and added to some municipal water

supplies for fluoridation. Paul Connett, a Phd biochemist, demonstrates the math regarding how much candyflavored fluoridated toothpaste is required to kill a small child: e.g. 43% of a Colgate tube for a two year old (at

www.fluoridealert.org). Bottled “Nursery Water” for babies, sold in grocery stores everywhere, also has sodium

fluoride added. According to the Material Safety Data Sheet for Mallinkrodt Chemcials, sodium fluoride has an

“extreme danger” classification, and can be fatal if ingested. (See www.greenmedinfo.com).

6. The sad episode in American history of William Marcus’ firing from, and re-instatement to, the EPA is

documented in the film “Fluoridegate,” available at www.youtube.com. Includes interviews with Marcus.

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