Tips for anxiety

by Sydney Walker on October 20th, 2015

Emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT or Tapping ) is very helpful for quelling anxiety. I will add a diagram or a video showing you what points to use as soon as I can, but in the meantime and if you’re in public you can:
1. Tap on the side of your hand with your fingers of the other hand held together. Tap under your clavicle. Those are areas that other people won’t find too distracting for a short time.
2. Hold your left pinky and ring fingers with your right hand.
3. Hold points near the inner eyes or the inside of the eyebrows where there is a little depression with the thumb and ring fingers while the first finger creates a triangle by holding the point in the area of the “third eye” which is center and a bit above the inner eyebrows.
4. Widen your vision and your hearing becoming like an animal in nature with peripheral vision and relax.
5. Bow to your thoughts in your mind’s eye or see the thoughts as clouds and your awareness as the sky.
6. Stand (with bare feet if possible), sit or lie on the ground.
7. Let your energy sink down into your lower body. You can breathe in and picture a golden ball of light coming into your abdomen and when you breathe out picture that golden ball coming up to your heart and keep breathing that way with the golden ball down when you breathe in and coming up to your heart when you breathe out. Picture also that soft is coming in through the top of your head bringing lightness in peace. You can picture sparkles or gold or silver or any beautiful color that feels healing to you. You can feel the Earth’s energy below you supporting you and notice it’s color and you can picture the light coming from Heaven, with you in between being supported.
8. Notice where there’s a place in your body that is free of pain and free of anxiety, feels good or at least feels neutral and allow that to spread to the rest of your body.
9. Picture your lower back getting warmer and warmer and providing nourishing to your brain and your bones.
10. Massage your ears, good for everything.

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