guidelines for facial rejuvenation

by Sydney Walker on July 6th, 2013

(guidelines from Darren Starwynn, abridged by me for my clients)

Suggested ten to twenty treatments consecutively
Two or more treatments per week
Smoking, excessive alcohol, drug use, sunbather’s and coffee drinkers tend to have severe yin deficiency and generally need the twenty treatments
Patients in their late 20’s-30’s can use this as a preventative to slow their aging process (It keeps the skin healthy by working on the cellular level)


Every 4-6 week
Can go as long as 90 days – if after 90 days, may need to begin process all over
Educate patients it is an exercise program to keep skin toned, texture healthy and circulation increased
Treat prior to special occasions (weddings, holidays, parties)
After each treatment book them for their next appointement or call to remind them when next one is due.


Gentle yet effective cleansing
Moisturize face when/where needed (not all skins need additional moisture)
Keep eye area moisturized
Consume 6-10 glasses of water per day. Very beneficial a few days before treatment as it increases the conductivity. Also highly recommended after the treatment.


Blocked Pores which can be caused by pollution, make-up, poor cleansing habits
Sun Exposure and dry climates
Smoking, excessive alcohol, drug use, sunbathers and coffee drinkers
Lack of water intake, poor diet and lack of exercise
Stress, tension, poor sleeping habits
Qi and blood deficiency

also from Darren Starwynn:

What is MicroLight Therapy?
A unique vibrational technology that combines low-frequency Microcurrents with specific colors of therapeutic light. Microlight provides the fastest known pain relief plus superior results for facial & whole body rejuvenation. It also accelerates healing and rehabilitation for injuries, neuropathy and post-stroke syndrome.

Energy Light Rejuvenation (ELR)
… ELR… an application of Microlight therapy that provides superior lifting, toning and rejuvenating effects for face and body. ELR is based on the principle “Inner Balance = Outer Beauty”.

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