Here’s a nice affirmation to help the stomach and abdomen:

by Sydney Walker on December 29th, 2013

from “The Healing Secrets of the Ages” by Catherine Ponder, pg. 90-91

” All ideas of judgement, revenge, punishment, and evil are eliminated from my mind and body now. Instead I behold the love, mercy, and goodness of God at work in my mind, body and affairs and relationships with all mankind. I let all people be happy!
I let all people be prosperous! I let all people be free! In doing so, my own happiness, prosperity and freedom are assured. There is no condemnation in me, for me or against me. Pride, resentment and jealousy have no power over me. I do not accuse myself or others of guilt. No thought of selfishness can possess me. All the goodness of God is now mine to use and enjoy. My mind, body, affairs, and relationships are now charged with joy and freedom. I rejoice in my mental and physical perfection now. All the good my heart desires is coming to me now.”

Somewhere before this in the book is another healing idea that “only the good is real.” It reminds me of the ways of seeing. In one way everything is One, the Benevolent Tao if you like, but it can be divided into 2, YinYang. And further divided beyond that. In the duality of YinYang, which is actually One really, you can see light and darkness for instance on a mountain, but in reality it is only the mountain. Also we can get bigger than our problems and then we see mostly the good. ( If your toe hurts put your attention on you whole body so it isn’t only a toe. If you have a bit of salty water, add it to a gallon of fresh water and you won’t notice the salt. ) The Scorpio in me never wanted to minimize problems, and some part of me likes to bring difficult things out honestly into the light. The Water element can go deep and shallow. And as a person of the water element I do like to go deep. But it is wonderful to focus on the good in life and people. I like the choice of resting in goodness.

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