Levels of Treatment: Bill and Blanche

by Sydney Walker on April 27th, 2009

Professor Worsley taught us that there are three levels of treatment- physical, mental, and spiritual. Treatments won’t be effective unless we treat with the intention of reaching the correct level. One day he told us that in his experience most Americans from the generation of the baby boomers onward needed treatment at the level of the spirit. This is not true of people everywhere, or of people born earlier. My mother Blanche, born in 1934, is an example of a woman with an incredibly strong spirit. She had her share of life’s trauma, but always bounced back with optimism. For instance, just yesterday, she was robbed, her purse grabbed from her shoulder, and when she yelled, an accomplice came out of a car and pointed a gun at her. Luckily, she wasn’t hurt physically. She was shaken though, and there was something different in her voice. Today I gave her a treatment. From assessing the points, she did not need “broken bowl”, or other strong points to heal on the level of spirit. Her Heart Protector and Triple Heater pulse was the most changed from the experience and I treated the points “inner and outer frontier gate” on opposite sides to balance those meridians, followed by using two grounding points on her constitutional element, and her pulses returned to normal. Soon after, we went to the Italian Festival at the S.F. Embarcadero, enjoying great live music, wine and food, and having a grand time with Bill!

I wanted to share my mom’s incredible spirit and the joy of knowing her and her best friend Bill. They’ve worked together opposing war, in their union at Kaiser, and to end Apartheid in South Africa. They took a stand in life confronting serious issues, but always had a great time no matter what.

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