Now Offering Advanced Micro-light technology for facial rejuvenation and non-needle rapid pain relief

by Sydney Walker on December 9th, 2012

I have just purchased the acutron mentor micro-light therapy system.
It is very good for pain and neuropathy. I tried it with my mother who is recovering from a stroke and has diabetic neuropathy in her legs. As I had hoped, her pain was lessened while her ability to feel her legs and feet was improved. I like that I can use the micro-current treatment which uses mostly frequencies which are similar to the electrical communication between the cells, without detracting from root level acupuncture treatment.
I can also use the acutron for treating without needles for some patients who might not otherwise give acupuncture a try. I have other needle-less treatment options, but this one can do more.
I can also use the acutron for facial toning and acne. I had terrible acne as a teen and now I’m 55 so my need for toning is there. I’m sympathetic to people wanting to feel good about their appearance. The micro-light treatments on the face are also tuning up various functional systems of the body and can have positive “side-effects”similar to foot reflexology since all the meridians reach the face and many begin or end on the face. I bring the acupuncture know-how to the treatments and can ground the session skillfully.

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