satisfaction guaranteed policy

by Sydney Walker on December 23rd, 2011

For our patients without acupuncture coverage in their insurance plans or settlements to help pay for costs of care, we offer this guarantee:

“Our office is based on the simple truth that if we satisfy and delight our patients they will get well faster and be more likely to tell others about our office. This avoids costly advertising and helps keep our fees reasonable.

“Since patient results vary, we can’t guarantee results, but we can guarantee your satisfaction. If at anytime within your first 3 office visits you’re not completely delighted with your decision to consult our office, we’ll happily refund the money you’ve paid us and make other care recommendations.

“While many more visits will usually be necessary, during this introductory period most patients enjoy enough progress to know that consulting our office was a wise decision.”1.

People sometimes wonder if acupuncture can help them with a particular condition. The World Health Organization lists many conditions that have been helped by acupuncture and state that 80 % of people are helped by acupuncture. I have personally helped many people with many conditions;  stress, anxiety, migraines, back pain, smoking cessation, helping to bring an overdue baby into the world,  PMS, allergies, and more. But at it’s best Chinese Medicine is holistic and individual. Sometimes the greatest benefit you experience is one you didn’t originally come in for. There are benefits that are hard to describe but tell you that you are on the right track. You may feel more “alive”, you get back your “zing”, you feel “put together again”, your “mind feels spacious,”and patients have even said that they have felt “reborn”, or that they feel they now “belong in their surroundings, as weird as that sounds” to them. My work aims to go beyond symptomatic relief-to encourage your authenticity, and offer experience of true health and encouragement on your life’s path. But symptoms are important markers, letting us know how you are faring. Sometimes it a symptom that gets you in the door. Because this can sound mysterious and is better understood by experience, and since people most often are paying for acupuncture care out of their own pockets, I’ve decided to make public my guarantee and share the financial risk you are taking that acupuncture will be of benefit to you.

Sydney Annette Walker, L..Ac.

Sonoma Mountain Healing Arts


( 1. Assuming the risk, by William D. Esteb )

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