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Community Wellness Sanctuary

Posted By on Dec 15, 2013

Hi Friends, Here is a new offering. The Wellness Sanctuary can be used as an introduction to various healing methods, as an addition to your regular treatments to stretch your acupuncture/wellness dollar, and as a way to relax and restore yourself with other members of your community. GIFT CERTIFICATES...

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How Does Acupuncture Work-OR What’s Working- How?

Posted By on Oct 3, 2012

Often my patients will say to me that something I am doing is helping but they are not sure what it is. I still need to explain better and there isn’t always time during a treatment. But in some ways it’s a mystery and really it’s the setting up of conditions so that people themselves heal in connection with the Benevolent Tao or Universal Love, God, or Source, Great Mystery, as we try to name that which we are part...

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MORE FAQ’s from the State Acupuncture Board

Posted By on Nov 24, 2011

Consumers Frequently Asked Questions Printer-friendly version Q. WHO CAN PERFORM ACUPUNCTURE? A. Acupuncturists who maintain a valid license issued by the Acupuncture Board and physicians licensed by the Medical Board of California. A dentist or podiatrist licensed in California may also practice acupuncture, only within the scope of their respective licenses and if they have completed the necessary training required by their...

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Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (N.A.E.T.) and Classical Acupuncture in Santa Rosa and greater Sonoma County

Posted By on Apr 14, 2010

Anyone who has lived in Sonoma County knows that Springtime can bring miserable allergy symptoms as well as wildflowers. Allergies to mold or other substances-even core nutrients like Vitamin C can often be the hidden root of symptoms.

Did you know that the symptoms of allergies can be treated naturally? With Chinese Medicine and Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique, we can help change your body’s response to...

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Acupuncture, Anti-Aging and Alternative Medicine

Posted By on Aug 14, 2009

By Sydney Walker, L.Ac. 707-217-5777 Sonoma County Acupuncture Acupuncture in Santa Rosa Acupuncture in Sebastopol Anti-aging medicine and nutrition is big business these days, as most baby boomers are trying anything and everything to look and feel younger. In my acupuncture practice, many of my patients have asked me if I do cosmetic acupuncture or if I know much about using food and herbs to take a few years off their appearance....

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